Wednesday Sub-Plenary Sessions: 11:05am – 12:05pm

WS1. Care Force – Championing Careers in Care

Location: Auditorium

The quality and quantity of social care services depend on the daily contributions of around 1.6m social care workers. The recruitment and retention of a well-motivated and rewarded workforce depends on how well we as a sector and as a society, value, motivate and acknowledge this vital group of workers. Yet we know the workforce challenge is mounting and the need for a common strategy and a common plan is clear for all to see.  If we don’t create the conditions in which caring becomes a more valued and attractive career path, services simply cannot be sustained at the same quantity and quality.

HC-One, the kind care company and our recognised Trade Union, GMB, have come together to launch the Care Force campaign – celebrating the people who make this happen, promoting social care as a positive career choice and ensuring that this work is fully valued by the society in which we live. 

This sub plenary, chaired by Dr Chai Patel, will hear from those whose skills and commitment underpin high standards of care and explore practical and achievable solutions to these challenges.

Main Participants:

Sir David Behan

Rehana Azam, GMB

Chair: Dr Chai Patel

WS2. Making It Real – It’s What Good Looks Like
Location: Charter 1

‘What does good look like?’  A critical question in our pursuit of personalised care and support, yet it can feel like the quest for the holy grail. So how do we offer a more human approach to care and support? How can people have a life and not a service? 

Making it Real, TLAP’s flagship product, enjoys sector wide approval across health, care and housing. It is strongly supported by the Minister for Social Care, Caroline Dinenage, who said, “Think Local Act Personal’s new Making it Real guide is an important and practical resource to help make personalised care a reality.”

Co-produced with people with lived experience/carers from National Co-production Advisory Group and the Coalition for Collaborative Care, ADASS President Glen Garrod has described the new Making it Real as an “indispensable resource”.

Our interactive, co-produced workshop will provide first-hand examples, on life as it is, and what it could be, using the Making it Real approach. 

We won’t tell you how to use it – that’s up to you, but we can tell you that it supports positive change at strategic, operational and individual levels, regardless of the shifting political and financial landscape.

At our session we’ll encourage you to sit back, switch off your phones, listen and discuss.  You’ll leave the session armed with an understanding of how Making it Real can deliver meaningful difference. We hope you’ll be stirred into using it. Because it really is what good looks like.

Main Participants:

Julie Ogley, ADASS

Isaac Samuels, National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG)

Chairs: Kate Sibthorp, Think Local Act Personal, NCAG and Anna Severwright, Coalition for Collaborative Care

WS3. Amanda Spielman, HMCI
Location: Exchange 8/9/10

Keynote address from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman followed by Q&A with Amanda and Yvette Stanley, National Director Social Care.

Main Participants: 

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Ofsted

Yvette Stanley, National Director Social Care, Ofsted

Chair: TBC