Wednesday Sub-Plenary Sessions: 2:15pm – 3:15pm

WS4. Rising Child Poverty, Welfare Reform and Children’s Outcomes – How Should we Respond?

Location: Exchange 8/9/10

This session will discuss recent regional and national trends in child poverty and their implications for children’s services. Child poverty has risen for three consecutive years according to latest figures from March 2018, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies projects a significant further rise in child poverty over the three years to come. This session will discuss the implications of rising poverty and welfare reforms for services which support children and families.

With expert input from the Centre for Social Exclusion at LSE, the session will discuss the evidence base for how changes in family income affect children’s cognitive, social and emotional development, wellbeing and health, and the mechanisms through which these impacts occur. Almost every outcome we hope to see for children is negatively associated with poverty, and there is strong evidence that the effectiveness of interventions in other areas will be undermined if families are struggling to cope financially.

The most severe reductions in families’ incomes are yet to come, in particular a four-year freeze on benefit rates and a two-child limit on tax credit and universal credit payments. Both working and out-of-work families will be affected, with single parent families and larger families seeing the greatest losses The introduction of universal credit is also dramatically changing the way in which families are required to interact with the benefits system. The session will familiarise participants with these changes and consider their impacts and possible responses.

Main participants:

Professor Kitty Stewart, Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion, London Sschool of Economics

Josephine Tucker, Head of Policy and Research, CPAG

Chair: Cllr Lucy Nethsingha, Deputy Chair, LGA Children and Young People Board

WS5. Tackling sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adults: sharing the learning

Location: Charter 1

Councils play a key role in combating sexual exploitation and abuse of both children and adults. This session will explore the role local leaders can play in working with local partners to prevent harm, support victims and bring offenders to justice, often under intense scrutiny from the media. Three councils will share their experiences, perspectives and their ongoing support for survivors, their families and local communities, as well as identifying key local and national recommendations to inform work in other areas.

Main particpants: 

Lucy Butler, Director for Children, Education and Families, Oxfordshire County Council

Seona Douglas, Director of Adult Care and Health Services, Reading Borough Council

Ewen Weir, Director of People, Newcastle City Council

Chair: James Bullion, ADASS Lead Director for Care & Justice and Executive Director of Adult Social Services, Norfolk

WS6. Shifting the Centre of Gravity: Making Place-Based, Person-Centred Health and Care a Reality

Location: Auditorium

2018 marks 70 years of two key milestones in social policy: the creation of the NHS and the National Assistance Act, which formed the basis of adult social care and support. And 70 years on health and social care are still very much in the public spotlight with the NHS Long Term Plan and the Government’s green paper on adult social care expected to be published soon. Both will highlight integration as a key priority for improving outcomes, improving services and getting the most from the public pound.

This session will focus on how local government and the NHS can work together at national and local level to develop person-centred and community based care and support, drawing on the progress made so far and the challenges that remain. It will also outline the key findings and recommendations from the joint review of integration undertaken by LGA, ADASS, NHS Confederation, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners and the Association of Directors of Public Health .

Main particpants: 

Matthew Swindells, National Director: Operations and Information, NHS England

Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair, Think Local Act Personal

Julie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners

Richard Webb, Honorary Secretary, ADASS

Chair:Cllr Paulette Hamilton, Deputy Chair, LGA Community Wellbeing Board