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Wednesday 14 November

11.05 – 12.05 (WS1) – Care Force Initiative , Auditorium  

Sir David Behan replaces Alice Thompson


Thursday 15 November

8:00am – Closed breakfast meeting with Caroline Dineage for lead members for adult social care. 

Location: Exchange 11

This closed LGA session for all members with responsibility for adult social care is an opportunity for local leaders to flag key concerns and issues to the Minister of State for Social Care and to share local solutions.

Now 8:00am, listed in handbook as 4:30pm

11:30am (TW11) – Bringing the best to more in Social Care session, Charter 1. 

Speakers are now as follows:

  • Annie Hudson, Strategic Director, Children’s Services, London Borough of Lambeth
  • Sally Percival, Chair of the National Coproduction Advisory Group, hosted by TLAP
  • Stuart Cowley, Director of Adult Social Care, Wigan Council
  • Alex Fox, Chief Executive, Shared Lives Plus and SCIE Trustee
  • Chaired by Ewan King, SCIE Director and Christina Cornwell, Director, Health Lab, Nesta


3.45 to 4.30 –  ADCS Safeguarding Pressures report, Charter 2

This session will look at the recently published Safeguarding Pressures Phase 6 report, with an input, and the opportunity to find out more, from the report author Carole Brooks 

4:00pm – LGA Lead Members – children – meeting, Exchange 8/9/10

Now 4pm – listed as 4:30pm 

Friday 16 November

11.45 to 12.45 Sub Plenary 2 – Children’s Services Funding, Exchange 8/9/10

The panel will now include Graham Archer