Presentations from the conference, where available, can be found below.
Please note:  Film clips have been removed from presentations due to file size. Sessions which had mainly video input may not have any content to share.

Day 1:

Opening addresses:


WS1: Care Force: Championing Careers in Care

WS2: Making it Real

WS3: Ofsted

WS4: Rising Child Poverty: 

WS5:Tackling Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adults 

WS6:Shifting the centre of gravity: Making place-based, person centred health and care a reality


WW1: Integration: it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it

WW2: Care and Health at Home:

WW3: LGA SEND Task and Finish Group report launch

WW4: Transforming Communities: making sure people with a learning disability, autism or both have good lives in the community

WW5: Creating a place that works for children

WW7: Health, Housing & Independent Living:

WW8: A new approach to understanding youth outcomes

  • Presentations not yet available

WW9: Working with communities and carers

WW10: Markets today and tomorrow 

WW11: A birdseye view of the system: Research on education and social care at Ofsted

  • Presentation not yet available

WW12: What next for children’s Services? Journey to fully integrated education, health and social care services for Cornwall’s children, young people and families

Day 2:



TS1: The state of adult social care funding

TS2:What wprks: How to keep children out of care

ADCS Safeguarding Pressures Research Session 


TW1: Safeguarding across transitions

TW2: The role of performance and quality assurance in creating a child-centred culture for excellent social work to flourish

TW3: Realising the potential of early help services for children and families

TW4: Think Autism 

  • Presentations for this session are not yet available

TW5: What Matters to Me 

TW6: Person Centred Digital Innovations in Adult Social Care

TW7: The Role of Local Government in Community Mental Health Care

TW8: Strengths Based Practice

TW9: Gangs, data and prevention

  • Presentations from this session are not yet available

TW10: National Transfer Scheme in Practice

TW11: Bringing the best to more in social care: Scaling up innovative models of care

TW12: Beyond barriers: how to people move through the health and social care systems and what can we learn from the local system reviews?


Day 3:


FS1: Building the future of adult social care and support for all adults

  • Presentations for this session are not yet available

FS2: Children’s Services Funding – where do we go from here? 


FW1: Productive healthy ageing

FW2: 2020 Vision for the social model of disability

  • Presentations for this session are not yet available

FW3: Collaboration, Self-Reflection & Peer Support. Improvement in CSC

FW4: Modernising adoption & supporting special guardians

FW5: CQC: Plans, priorities and delivery